product overview

Our products are designed to improve life from the molecular level onward. Basing our discoveries off biological advantages of the human body, we optimize these synergies through biocompatible treatments that deliver unparalleled results.

We constantly evaluate our lead candidates in order to refine the perfect balance between innovatory science and human biology. Our products typically address diseases or infections with limited treatment options available, or fundamental healthcare issues so big that treatment supply cannot keep up with medical demand.

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Bioniix is a preventative product that promotes safe sex for both male and females. Bioniix is a microbicidal topical spray designed to eliminate the transmission of contact-to-contact sexually transmitted infections.


A tissue regenerator for the treatment and regeneration of acute, chronic, and non-healing wounds. Receloviix targets and stimulates the production of cellular growth factors involved with tissue regeneration.


Proenviriix is a disinfectant solution used at industrial, agricultural and domestic levels that is biocompatible with the human body and is not toxic to the environment.

Proenviriix kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores and is designed to adapt to several industrial contamination protocols.


Understanding the biological mechanisms of the human body is deeply rooted into Biiosmart’s process for candidate discovery and expansive innovation within our product pipeline. Our “people first” approach defines the pathways for developing biocompatible treatments that target specific health issues, while also working synergistically with the body to provide high efficacy and safety.

As we advance the understanding of our technologies, we expect to improve our discovery process. All of Biiosmart’s products and technologies are produced under robust quality control standards, as this element is as important as the research process itself.

how we operate

We’re pioneering the way to a safe and simpler future, responsibly.

As a company with global ambitions and reach, we accept the position of leadership in stewarding the public’s trust throughout health innovations. We design our research programs and products thinking of people first. We believe in operating openly with our partners. This includes:

  • Complying with all regulatory agencies.
  • Safeguarding individual privacy expectations.
  • Continually reinforce our commitment to ethical business practices.
  • Uplifting community standards among our corporate partners.